Zaxby’s | Orem, UT

I have buffalo sauce all over my fingers as I’m writing the post. The food tastes too good that I couldn’t wait to share with you all.

Zaxby’s is all over the east coast, and they only have two locations in Utah. Danny and I decided to try Zaxby’s yesterday because we have heard from friends that it’s good. We both order chicken fingers with the original sauce. The chicken fingers were perfectly crisp, and their original sauce is full am amazing, spicy flavors.


Wing Nutz | Orem, UT

Why order fry food, when you can order baked chips and wings at Wing Nutz? Wing Nutz created their own twist. Instead of frying their food, everything is baked!

I simply enjoy the fact that they baked their food because I don’t walk out of their restaurant feeling gross. You would think that everything they serve was soft because it was baked. But you’d be surprise! The buffalo chips are perfectly crisped and season. And the wings are simply delicious. I definitely recommend visiting Wing Nutz if you’re in Utah County.

Wingers | Provo, UT

I have garlic all over my hands. I can’t stop eating the bucket of garlic fries! 

If you ever drive past a Winger, you should turn around and order their garlic fries! They are simply delicious… I dip the fries in ranch.

 Not only are their garlic fries good, but their stick sticky fingers in original amazing sauce is definitely worth the calories.

Nekko | Lake Elsinore, CA

Nekko: 32251 Mission Trail G6, Lake Elsinore, CA 92530

So many local places that I grew up going to and Nekko is another one of my favorites. Nekko used to be called Kokoro. I always want to eat sushi and have random sushi cravings. When I go to Nekko, I will order the Shrimp Crunch Roll and the California Beach Roll.

(Shrimp Crunch Roll)
(California Beach Roll)

The Shrimp Crunch Roll has Shrimp, Tempura, Crab, and Crunch. The California Beach Roll has baked scallops on top of a California Roll. I also ask for Eel Sauce on the side because I like to dip my rolls in that over soy sauce. Their lunch special is also really good and worth trying. If I get the lunch special, I usually order the beef teriyaki, sometimes salmon.



Wings and Things | Murrieta, CA

There garlic flavored buffalo sauce all over my fingers. I can’t stop eating one of my favorite wings in the worlds. Okay, they are chicken strips but same thing. I am obsessed!

All I have to say about this place is their Garlic Breadsticks and Garlic Mild Chicken Tenders are the most delicious items you can eat there. Honestly, everything is amazing but when I go I order the Garlic Mild Chicken Tenders. The Sweet Chili sauce is also good. California Oaks Rd, Murrieta, CA 92562


Buffalo Chicken Pasta


1 16 oz. box Penne pasta, cooked and drained

3 boneless, skinless chicken breasts; cubed and cooked

1/2-1 C. Buffalo Hot Sauce

3/4 -1+ C. Ranch dressing (or Blue Cheese)

1-2 C. Shredded cheese (Colby Jack or Cheddar)

1. Preheat oven to 350* and prepare a deep baking dish.

2. Mix together hot sauce and ranch.  In separate bowl, mix chicken, pasta and cheese.  Pour sauce over all and mix well.

3. Pour everything into prepared baking dish, sprinkle with cheese (if desired) and bake for 20-25 min.


A Place That Makes You Feel Like You Are In Puppy Heaven

I am a big puppy/dog lover. I have been wanting a puppy for so long but either don’t have the money or the time for one right now. I told Danny that in the future we are getting two dogs, a small one to snuggle with and a big one to protect me. Even though I know we don’t have the money or time at the moment, I still keep trying to beg Danny for a puppy.

To fulfill my puppy needs, I visit the Puppy Barn. They are located in American Fork and have a variety of cute little puppies you can hold, pet, and play with. You can also buy the puppies there if you absolutely fall in love with them the second you hold them. I could live at Puppy Barn and be with the puppies all day. I honestly cannot wait until we finally get our own puppies!