A Place That Makes You Feel Like You Are In Puppy Heaven

I am a big puppy/dog lover. I have been wanting a puppy for so long but either don’t have the money or the time for one right now. I told Danny that in the future we are getting two dogs, a small one to snuggle with and a big one to protect me. Even though I know we don’t have the money or time at the moment, I still keep trying to beg Danny for a puppy.

To fulfill my puppy needs, I visit the Puppy Barn. They are located in American Fork and have a variety of cute little puppies you can hold, pet, and play with. You can also buy the puppies there if you absolutely fall in love with them the second you hold them. I could live at Puppy Barn and be with the puppies all day. I honestly cannot wait until we finally get our own puppies!


Halloween 2016

I’m not much of a Halloween person. The only thing I enjoy about the holiday is carving pumpkins.


pumpkin carving

Originally, Danny and I had two costume ideas and then decided not to dress us; it was my decision not to. However, the weekend before Halloween, his sister asked us what we’re doing. Danny loves the holidays and thought it would be fun to throw a small Halloween party.

We went to Walmart and tried to create a costume for cheap. Everything was gone, obviously… But I also didn’t want to spend a lot of money on our costumes. As we were walking in Walmart, the idea of being a lumberjack came into mind. Danny and I both had flannel shirts already. All we needed was the hat/beanie, a beard, and an axe. We couldn’t find toy axes, but we did find beards… Danny made our beards out of yarn.


Becoming a Mormon: How God Guided Me to Conversion

I wrote my conversion story for my internship! Check it out!

Truthfully, my story began before I was even born.

My parents, both born during the Vietnam war, immigrated to the United States from Vietnam between the ages of 8 and 10. Both of my parents had to escape when it became possible and leave everything behind. My father and his sister were caught by the communists while trying to escape, however, they were able to find their way onto another boat later that carried them to the United States.

My mom traveled to the United States with her entire immediate family, while my dad only traveled with a few of his siblings. Unlike my mother, he wasn’t able to see the rest of his family until they all gradually arrived in the United States.

Years down the road, my parents met at pharmacy school at the University of Pacific in Stockton, California. After graduation and establishing their careers, my parents decided to get married and have kids.

My sister and I grew up in Southern California. We were both baptized into the Catholic faith when we were babies, but my family and I didn’t attend church normally. We were often so invested in our sport that we were too busy to attend church on Sundays.

I started playing tennis when I was seven and began homeschooling when I was in fourth grade. My sister and I practiced many hours with Kendl Hansen, a current BYU student, and member of the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Read more at Mormon Hub.


White Bass Fishing

I miss fishing! Danny and I went a ton over summer! One week, we went white bass fishing every day at Provo River. Now I can do everything myself. I casted my pole and reeled the bass in!

It was such an awesome experience! The minute my hook went in the water, you could see all of the white bass swimming towards it. I remember seeing about 30 white bass swimming together. It was awesome!

Coldplay | Aug 31, 2016

Danny has been a Coldplay fan since he was 11. He honestly knew the lyrics to every song so it was exciting that he was finally able to see them live for his very first time!

I was bored one day and decided to look at upcoming concerts in Utah. I came across Smith Tix and found that Coldplay was coming to Salt Lake City. The second I saw the Coldplay concert, I purchased our tickets.

It was finally time to see my hubby’s favorite band live! And OH MY GOSH, COLDPLAY IS AMAZING LIVE! Seriously, the best concert I have ever been to. So much happened there that I can’t even explain everything. You just have to experience it for yourself.

When we first arrived to the Vivint Arena we were given Coldplay wristbands. I was confused why we needed the wristband so I just threw it in my purse. However, when we sat down at our seats, it said to wear our wristband on the screen.We were curious to what was going to happen with our wristband.

When Coldplay was about to come out, the lights shut off and everyone’s wristband lit up red. Throughout the concert, our wristbands would change to different colors depending on the song. It was insane.

Coldplay performed their hearts out. They also had a ton of colorful decoration, such as the rainbow color confetti, our wristbands, and half way into their show they had beachballs in every rainbow color.

The energy in the arena was insane! Everyone was stoked to finally see Coldplay come out. I felt like I couldn’t hear myself think because of how loud it was in Vivint.

Danny also couldn’t contain his excitement. He was screaming at the top of his lungs to every song. It made me so happy watching him enjoy this concert because he’s been looking forward to finally see Coldplay perform.

I enjoyed all of Coldplay! But my favorite part of the concert was when they performed Hymn for the Weekend and A Sky Full of Stars. That was when I screamed at the top of my lungs. I was singing with all my might and dancing like a ridiculous human being. It was crazy dancing and I didn’t care if I looked embarrassing.

I hope they come back again next year just to perform all of their hit songs.

Kayaking Down Provo River

Kayaking down Provo River is one of the funnest activities during the summer. I’ve been a couple times with the BYU’s tennis team, but Danny and I went last year together for the first time. We had a blast.

He never kayaked down Provo River before so I thought it would be a perfect outdoor date for us newlyweds. It took us about 2-2 1/2 hours from beginning to end. We got out half way so we wouldn’t crashed our kayak into the bridge and get hurt.

When Danny and I went, he was the one in the back steering (which was the smart choice). Even though I have kayaked before, Danny had to guide me. We couldn’t stop laughing because I couldn’t get my paddle on the correct side so we almost ran into logs, rocks, or trees.

Once we were able to get our kayak straight, we just relaxed and enjoyed the scenery. The view is absolutely breathtaking. You definitely need to enjoy and take in the beauty of nature in Provo.

My Journey & What’s Next…

Well, my four years of collegiate tennis at BYU has finally ended in April. To sum up how my experience, it was similar to riding a roller coaster. At times it was amazing but at times I was just ready to walk away. I was often emotionally, physically, and mentally drained. It got to the point that during my senior year, I came home crying almost every day because I had enough.
I’ve worked so hard at tennis and school that I was able to get a notable mentions. Over my four years, I was undefeated in singles at home my freshman year, I got WCC Honorable mention in either singles or doubles and sometimes both, made it to the All-American Tournament in doubles with my best friend, Savannah Ware, clinched the first undefeated home slate for the Cougars since 1998, and received WCC All Tournament Team for doubles. Lastly, I finally got the WCC Commissioner’s Honor Roll with a current cumulative GPA of 3.19. I definitely wish my journey ended in a better way, but I cannot tell you how happy to just be done and away from the team.
I miss competing, but I do not miss practicing or the team really… I miss my best friend on the team though.Besides the fact, the thought of starting a new chapter without collegiate tennis is somewhat frightening. I don’t know what I’m going to do with my life. I have one more year of school before I officially become an adult. I’m currently teaching tennis for BYU, another lady, and on my own. I finished an internship at Good Things Utah over the spring semester. I am so grateful that I got the opportunity to intern for ABC 4. I am in search for my Academic Internship I need to complete to graduate by April 2017. I am also in search for a part time job that will not conflict with schooling. It’s quite stressful to search for a job that will fit in your school schedule. Hopefully, I’ll be able to find one in the fall or winter. Wish me luck!