Small Town Locals (Food) – Ely, Nevada

Danny grew up in a small town called Ely, Nevada. I didn’t know this place even existed until I met him. Ely is probably one of the smallest towns I have ever been to. It has around 3-4 street lights for the city… Anyways, I told Danny that when we visited Ely, we had to stop at food places he grew up with. Ever since then, we go to these local places whenever we visit his family.

The first stop we had to make when we got to Ely was Economy Drug. They make the best Cherry Lime Ricki drinks I have ever had. It is basically a take on Cherry Limeade, but better. Economy Drug also makes good sandwiches, but I normally just go there for the Cherry Lime Ricki. To me, it is sooo refreshing! 

For dinner, Danny’s mom brought home Piccadilly’s pizza. This place is located in a shell gas station. At first, I was confused why Danny went to get pizza from a gas station, but surprisingly I found it quite delicious. Now every time we visit Ely, I need to have Piccadilly’s. Let’s just say that if you try it once, you’ll try it again and again.

Lastly, we went to Twin Wok. Danny grew up going to their lunch buffet, so he took me there to try it out. He always raved about the cream cheese wontons, and let me tell you, it was worth the calories. I could eat more than what was on that plate (picture above). I also liked their Mongolian Beef and Orange Chicken. 
Honestly, all of these places are worth visiting if you guys ever make it out to this small town.


Tacos El Gordo | Las Vegas, NV

Who doesn’t love Mexican food?

I’ve been to Tacos El Gordo a few time during tennis trips for BYU. It’s one of my favorite Mexican restaurants. I told Danny that I’ve been wanting to take him there and we finally had the chance on our road trip to California today. At first, I wasn’t sure if we were going to grab some food in Vegas, but Danny surprised me with Tacos El Gordo. He remember that I’ve wanted to take him there for awhile.

We both ordered the tacos al pastor! SO DELICIOUS! My favorite part is that they cut the meat for the tacos al pastor right in front of you. This place is seriously a must try if you’re in Vegas or in Chula Vista, CA.

img_5551 img_5552