My Coldplay Obsession | Comms 388

Since Danny and I went to the Coldplay Concert, I have done two of my class assignments about Coldplay.

I was asked to make a CD Cover using the gestalt principles and a creative typography assignment with my favorite lyrics/poem. I used the colors from Coldplay’s recent album as well as their title for that album for my CD Cover. For my typography assignment, I used part of the lyrics from Hymn for the Weekend.

I like my CD Cover but not so much my typography assignment. I wasn’t sure how to make type creative. I struggled with that assignment and gave it my best shot.

Let me know what you guys think!


Good Things Utah Internship

I’m going to miss being an intern for Good Things Utah

I’ve learned a lot from GTU. During my internship, I received the opportunity of having on-hand experience with writing drafts for the next day’s web stories, capturing photos for social media, and sharing current web stories on Facebook and Twitter. I would also copy scripts and rundowns, log into the iPads, look for future segments, and cut the clip segments.  

I did an internship project that allowed to find and invite future guests onto the show.  It was a harder than I thought. However, Sydney, one of the other interns, and I were talking about Instagram and bloggers. It spark an idea. I remembered seeing bloggers, Salty Blondes. I contacted them to see if they were interested in coming on the show.

I definitely recommend this internship. Everyone is friendly and wanting to give you a good experience. After this internship, I feel like I have a better idea of the career I want to pursue after I graduate.


Gymnastic Video

I love filming sports. It’s seriously so excited to capture all that they do.

For my final project for my media digital production class, we had two options to chose from. I went with the natural sound and voice over. When watching my video, my professor suggested that I add more interview footage to reduce the amount of nat-pops.

Check it out and let me know what you think!

Tennis Video

What’s cuter than this little girl’s face.. Nothing…

Too bad this video isn’t just about her.

However, I’m excited to show my knowledge of taking video for broadcast journalism. I made this video when I was in my digital production class at BYU. I learned how to use Avid in that class.

Check out my video!