Inside Skup | Fullerton, CA

My obsession with ice cream continues to GROW! I don’t know why, but I’ve been having this huge ice cream craving for months. I think it’s because I’ve been working at the creamery and I get to sample the different ice cream flavors.

Anyways, the other night Danny and I ate dinner at WingStop and decided we wanted to explore before heading back to my sister’s place. Inside Skup has been on my bucket list since finding them on Instagram. I insisted we try Inside Skup as our second location during our trip.

I didn’t know what to order when we walked in. I remember seeing all their cool pictures on Instagram! We looked at all of the options and decided to get the beachcomber. It’s a creamy ice cream base with pop rocks! It tasted just like FRUITY PEBBLES!!! Perfect for those who LOVE fruity pebbles! Once I tried the beachcomber, I knew that was the ice cream I wanted. Danny decided to get the beachcomber ice cream sandwiched between two cookie monster cookies. I decided to go with the waffle cone with chocolate and fruity pebbles around it.

Talk about a sugar rush for the both of us! It was so worth it! I definitely recommend trying Inside Skup.

Comment with your favorite treat from Inside Skup if you’ve been there already!

img_5844moreyellow img_5849moreyellow img_5853moreyellow img_5854moreyellow img_5855moreyellow


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