Afters Ice Cream | Fullerton, CA

Danny and I arrived to California last night. You know what that means!!! We needed to try a new place during our trip and what better place to try than an ICE CREAM place!!!

My parents wanted all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ for lunch today. When we headed towards the restaurant, I saw Afters Ice Cream! I’ve been following Afters Ice Cream on Instagram for awhile! Since the wait for Korean BBQ was an hour long, Danny and I decided to try Afters Ice Cream. When we got there, my sister recommended the cookie monster and cookie butter ice cream. Both flavors tasted good but we decided to get the cookie monster with Oreos as our topping. The ice cream was soft, smooth, and decadent. I highly recommend getting the cookie monster or cookie butter flavored ice cream!

img_5838moreyellow img_5841moreyellow img_5843


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