Sidecar Doughnuts | Costa Mesa, CA

If you think Mr. Holmes Bakehouse is good, you need to Sidecar Doughnuts!

Danny and I were going to wait to try sidecar on our next trip to California but I couldn’t wait. The pictures on Instagram made me impatient.

The minute we got to Sidecar there was already a line. My initial thoughts were “are they really that good?”.

Yes, they were. The wait was worth it! Danny and I ordered the huckleberry, chocalot, maple bacon, and cinnamon crumb. My parents ordered the pumpkin fool, huckleberry, maple bacon, and German chocolate.

The donuts Danny and I ordered were delicious. I originally ordered a huckleberry for myself but was worried I wouldn’t like it so I traded it for a cinnamon crumb. Boy do I wish I didn’t switch the huckleberry donut! That was my favorite! It was Danny’s favorite too! The huckleberry donut was so good that we bought another one!

img_5649 img_5650 img_5653 img_5659 img_5664


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