Mr. Holmes Bakehouse | Los Angeles, CA


Danny and I just arrived to California. Instead of going to six flags, we decided to use that money on trying new food places in CA. I was sold on the idea of trying new food. After we agreed on exploring new restaurants, I started looking on Yelp and Instagram for popular food places.

Our first stop was Mr. Holmes Bakehouse. My friends have been there before in San Francisco. I honestly thought it was only in SF. But when I saw they had a location in LA, I knew danny and I needed to try their donuts!

Unfortunately the cruffin was sold out when we arrived. But that gave us a chance to try their other delicious options. Danny and I ordered the mango donut, strawberry jalapeno bear claw, monkey bread, and fruit danish. All were delicious. My sister said her matcha/coconut donut tasted good as well.


img_5556 img_5564 img_5566 img_5568


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