Wild Zucchini Grill | American Fork, UT

I’ve been wanting to try Wild Zucchini for a long time and I finally got the chance to!

I just finished watching the BYU women’s basketball game and writing its recap around 7:00 PM. Danny picked me up and we decided to go to dinner. We were driving around for awhile and somehow ended up in American Fork. We kept naming different restaurants we saw but we weren’t craving any of them.

Danny wanted something healthy for dinner so I typed in healthy restaurants on yelp. That’s when I remembered Wild Zucchini!

Danny ordered the classic steak pasta bowl and I ordered the flame grilled shrimp pasta bowl. I asked to switch out my pasta with zucchini pasta. BEST DECISION!! I love the added healthy alternative to my dinner. This is probably the most amount of veggies I’ve had in a long while. Guess that means we have to go to Wild Zucchini more often so I can eat my vegetables!

wild-zucchini wild-zuchinni-2


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