El Mexiquense | American Fork, UT

This past weekend, Danny and I went on a triple date with my two friends and their man. We went to Puppy Barn and dinner.

We decided that we would choose a dinner location when we were at Puppy Barn. We were only in Puppy Barn for about 15 minutes then decided to walk out and decide where to eat. One of our friend’s fiance lives in American Fork so they looked up some restaurants on Yelp.

They came across a Mexican restaurant, El Mexiquense, which had 4.5 stars on Yelp. I’m always down for Mexican food so we all decided to try it out. When we got there, I didn’t know what to get. I relied on Danny for his help on what might be good because he served an LDS mission in Mexico City for two years.

Of course we got chips and salsa! We also ordered elote (a popular street food in Mexico) and huarache, another popular Mexican food. All were delicious and we plan to go back there and try more of their food.

img_5506 img_5507



Be sure to go try El Mexiquense and let me know what you think!


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