Slab Pizza | Provo, UT

The aroma of the pizza makes my mouth water. My taste buds are jumping for joy with the amazing flavors. The cheese simply melts in your mouth.

Another local eatery that you must try if you are in Provo is Slab. When I lived a couple blocks away from Slab, I would go there almost once a week with my roommate. We were addicted.

Slab has a variety of unique pies, such as Rosemary Potato Bacon, Pesto, Ramp Local, Loaded Enchilada, and many more. I usually order the Thai Chicken and Rosemary Potato Bacon Slab. I’ve also tried the Pesto, Buffalo Wing, BBQ Chicken, Pepperoni, the Meikel, and Chicken Bacon Ranch, which all tasted yummy. Slab’s unique because you get individual slab, not slices. A slab is 1/4 of a 20″ pizza. Therefore, if you wanted to order a whole 20″ pizza, you can have 4 different kinds on one 20″ pizza. It makes it convenient for those who want to split the price but want different kinds of pizza. 


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