Bam Bam’s BBQ | Orem, UT

The second you drive into Bam Bam’s parking lot, you can already smell the amazing BBQ. It made my husband and I crave BBQ so much more.

Danny loves BBQ and so he was stoked when I suggested we go to Bam Bam’s for dinner. I’ve been to Bam Bam’s once before I went with Danny. However, I can’t really remember what my experience was.

When we got there, he had the biggest smile on his face 🙂 He ordered the turkey sandwich (not pictured).

We also ordered the chopped beef swachos to share. We asked one of the workers what she recommended for the swachos, and she said you can’t go wrong with any of the meats, but I like chopped beef. Her recommendation did not disappoint!

Last, I ordered the pulled pork sandwiched and smothered it in BBQ sauce. Simply so delicious and amazing! You guys should go get yourself some Bam Bam’s!


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