Maria Bonita Round 2 & 3 | Orem, UT

Round 2: We couldn’t resist visiting Maria Bonita after our first time experience. The food is simply filled with tasteful flavors that we had to go back.

When my husband and I went back, we decided to try something new on the menu. He got the burrito de probe and ceviche tostada. I decided to get the tostada de tinga.

I really enjoy Maria Bonita because the food is delicious but they also give you big portion sizes. I always get full every time I eat. It’s also probably because I eat a ton of chips and salsa.

I also like going to Maria Bonita because the service is great! Everyone there is so nice and helpful.

Round 3: Danny’s sister and her husband came into town for a few days. They have been craving Mexican food because they get to eat it often back east.

His sister asked us if we had any suggestions, and we said MARIA BONITA!

Danny got the same burrito and I got tinga de pollo. Instead of the tostada, I got flour tortillas to make tacos. The tinga can get spicy sometimes depending on your heat tolerance. My nose started running and my eyes started watering. But I couldn’t be happier with my meal choice.

If you have any Mexican food recommendations, let me know!



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