Maria Bonita Mexican Grill | Orem, Utah

The environment makes me feel like I’m in Mexico. You can just smell all of the spicy goodness throughout the restaurant.

Last Friday, Danny and I went on a date night. We were both craving Mexican food, so we decided to check on Yelp for some suggestions.

We came across Maria Bonita Mexican Grill in Orem, Utah. We looked at all the photos on Yelp, and decided to try Maria Bonita.

We didn’t know what to expect when we got there. We just wanted to see if the salsa was good. We tried the salsa the second the waiter set it on our table. I seriously couldn’t stop eating it.

Anyways, we were looking at the menu and I couldn’t decide what to order.

They had tons and tons of options to choose from. Danny, on the other hand, already knew what he wanted. He saw the item Molcajete and knew that was what he wanted for dinner. When he served his mission in Mexico, he would have molcajetes for dinner. 

We decided to share the meal because it was huge. There was a variety of protein, such as chicken, steak, shrimp, and sausage (Mexican). It was honestly delicious and I would highly recommend going to Maria Bonita and ordering the Molcajete.

Danny and I plan to go back and try something new from their menu. If you’ve ever been to Maria Bonita, let me know what your recommendations.


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