Breakfast in Bed

Danny and I are so grateful that we had a three day weekend to spend together. Now that school has started, we rarely have time to just ourselves.

Danny has been wanting to do something for my birthday. We usually travel to California so he doesn’t get the chance to plan anything. Since we got today off from school, Danny decided to surprise me with breakfast in bed from one of my favorite places in Utah, Magleby’s.

I wasn’t the biggest fan of French Toast until I tried Magleby’s French Toast. Every time I go to Magleby’s, I always order the All You Can Eat French Toast. I love how the bread isn’t super thick. Also, their homemade syrup is to die for! I can’t explain the taste but I would much rather have their syrup than any other syrups any day.

I was so happy when Danny surprised me with Magleby’s French Toast and Candied Bacon, grapefruit, and Simple Truth Vanilla Almond Milk. I have never gotten breakfast in bed. He is honestly the sweetest and most thoughtful guy. Today is going to be a good day!

Happy Labor Day!


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