Kitchen Eighty-Eight Food Truck | Provo, UT

Every Thursday in Provo, UT, there is a Food Truck Round Up in Downtown Provo in the Eclipse Center Parking area.

Danny invited a couple of his friends and their wife to join us last night. Ever since we have been there, I have been wanting to try Kitchen Eighty-Eight and was thrilled to see that they were at the Round Up yesterday.

Danny and I both order the Tri Tip Steak and switched out the mashed potatoes for the Rosemary Potatoes. I got BBQ sauce while Danny ordered the sweet chili sauce for his Tri Tip. The Tri Tip was cooked perfectly and tasted delicious. Both of the sauces complimented the Tri Tip steak and the potatoes were perfectly seasoned.

If you guys know any other amazing and delicious food trucks, let me know. I am always wanting to try new food trucks or different round ups in Utah County.


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