Take Me Back To Europe

Two summers ago, the BYU Women’s Tennis Team went on a 12-day Europe Trip. I was sick and almost didn’t travel with the team. I had no energy, body aches, a sore throat, stomach problems, and many other illness symptoms. I did everything I could to get better. I rested, when to the doctors, had an IV in my arm, and took antibiotics. I still wasn’t feeling any better so I asked my friend for a blessing. I wasn’t a member of the LDS Church at the time, but I wanted a blessing. The day of, I felt better when I woke up and traveled with the team.

Take Me Back To Europe

First stop was London, England.

We had the opportunity to see the London Eye, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Westminster Abbey and many more. We also saw Les Miserables live.

Next stop: Paris, France.

Our agenda for that trip was visiting Palace of Versailles, Eiffel Tower, French Open, Notre Dame, and the Louvre. The first thing we did when we arrived was order some crepes. I’ve always loved crepes and I finally tried it in the country it originated from. I also enjoyed the restaurants Pink Flamingo (pizza) and Amorino (gelato). Not only was Amorino gelato delicious, it was also presented beautifully in a shape of a rose.

We headed to the Palace of Versailles on our first day before it closed. Although the palace was gorgeous, I wish I knew more about the history before visiting it.

The Eiffel Tower was my favorite part of Paris. Not only were the lights super gorgeous at night, but the view on the second floor of the Eiffel Tower was stunning. Also, across the street next to the stairs, there is a delicious crepe cart. I got the Chicken and Cheese Crepe and the Nutella and Strawberry Crepe. I never thought that I would be addicted to the Chicken and Cheese Crepe, but it tasted so good that I wanted to get it every day. The cheese has a stronger flavor than the cheese in the U.S. but it added to the crepe.

After seeing France for 4 days, we traveled to Italy.

First stop: Venice.

It’s the cutest city on water. Venice is very colorful with a lot of similar buildings. My sister and I got lost a few times.

Next stop in Italy: Florence.

We had the opportunity to see the magnificent work by Michelangelo, the David. After we saw the David, we wondered around Florence, eating a lot of gelato.

We wanted to overlook all of Florence. With many stairs and hills, we finally found the spot. The overlook was breathtaking, I could relax and look at the view all day.

Final stop: Rome.

By this time, I was exhausted and ready to head home. We’ve been running around nonstop for 9 days already. We saw almost everything you needed to see in Rome. I honestly can’t remember everything. I remember we saw the Vatican, Trevi Fountain, and the Colosseum.

Overall, I am very grateful for the opportunity to travel around Europe. I got to learn about the different cultures, explore many museums, and eat a lot of delicious food.


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