Good Things Utah Internship

I’m going to miss being an intern for Good Things Utah

I’ve learned a lot from GTU. During my internship, I received the opportunity of having on-hand experience with writing drafts for the next day’s web stories, capturing photos for social media, and sharing current web stories on Facebook and Twitter. I would also copy scripts and rundowns, log into the iPads, look for future segments, and cut the clip segments.  

I did an internship project that allowed to find and invite future guests onto the show.  It was a harder than I thought. However, Sydney, one of the other interns, and I were talking about Instagram and bloggers. It spark an idea. I remembered seeing bloggers, Salty Blondes. I contacted them to see if they were interested in coming on the show.

I definitely recommend this internship. Everyone is friendly and wanting to give you a good experience. After this internship, I feel like I have a better idea of the career I want to pursue after I graduate.



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