Fishing & Camping

While we were in Ely, Nevada for our reception, Danny thought it would be fun to go fishing and camping. I’ve never been fishing or camping so I was a little nervous about my first experience. I’m not much of an outdoor person, but I’m warming up to the idea.

Now lets talk about my fishing experience. Since I didn’t know how to cast my pole, Danny did it for me. He also put the worm on the hook (I have yet to do it). He told me to patiently wait until the bobber went under water.

When I saw the bobber go under, I just started reeling as quick as I could. I was determined to get my first fish (rainbow trout).

And I did, with Danny’s help!

Sadly, the fish swallowed the hook. I know you’re suppose to eat this fish, but Danny and I just wanted to catch and let them go for my first time.¬†Since the fish swallowed the hook, Danny had to get the tool to pull it out. He left the fish in the net and told me to hold on to it. While he was up at our campsite, the fish kept flopping in the net. I freaked out and screamed so loud, people thought something happened to me. I definitely need to learn to not be so jumpy around fish.

After we finished fishing, we decided to start a fire. I’ve never started a fire and wanted to give it a try. I wasn’t the smartest when I started it. I took a deep breath in and inhaled on the smoke before I actually started the fire.

Lesson learned – Don’t jump and scream when fish start flopping around and don’t take a deep breath when trying to start a fire…

I am still a rookie, but I’ll get better.


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