Sushi Burrito | Provo, UT

When you think of sushi burrito, what do you think of?

Initially, I thought it sounded weird. In Provo, there’s a restaurant called Sushi Burrito. My best friend loves sushi and decided to try Sushi Burrito. She raved about how good it was and how she couldn’t stop eating there.

Although I was skeptical about eating there, I decided to try it with her. Ever since I tried it, I’m always craving it. You have to be willing to get messy though if you get a sushi burrito.

The first time I ordered the Vegas Roll (not pictured) but replaced the salmon with tempura shrimp.

The Sushi pictured is the the California Sumo, which consisted of crab salad, avocado, cream cheese, cucumber, and eel sauce. (Deep Fried) However, I asked for no cucumber and to not have it fried. Let me say, my taste buds and stomach were very happy with my decision. Ever since then, I’ve continue to crave Sushi Burrito.

You guys have to give it a try if you are in Utah County. They have 3 locations, Provo, Salt Lake, and West Jordan.



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